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“congratulations on your excellent text and photos” – KB, Somerset.

What a great resource those 'hair maps' are on your site - brilliant work!

Great resource you created there thanks! Hope you don't mind but I have put a link to them in my Male Waxing and Shaving blog on my website. :)

Great site you have and the picture with the arrows is useful.

Thanks Jason! I keep a "how to" folder of all my treatments and this is perfect. Fantastic as a reminder, especially with the arrow pictures.

Brilliant resource! Thank you very much!

Excellent, will print out and laminate! Thanks for taking the time and effort.

Jackie b

Thanks for the info!

That is a great learning resource. I run a mens hair removal blog and just posted a link to it there. Hope you do not mind?


wax·ing [wak-sing]Show IPA –noun

1.  the act or process of applying wax,  as in polishing or filling.

2.  the manufacturing of a phonograph record.

3.  the act or technique of applying a depilatory wax to the body for removing hair.

Origin: 1400–50; late Middle English; see wax1 , -ing1

Welcome to the world of MALE Waxing!


Immediate PDF e-Book Download


Here is the most concise, most up to date, broadest resource using step-by-step instructions, real models and 21st Century products of learning resource on how best to wax a man.

There’s nothing left to the imagination! Full colour photos of every stage will help you to clearly and easily position the customer and give you advice on how to apply and remove the wax safely, efficiently and with maximum comfort for the customer.

Packed into this e-learning resource are details of the history of human hair removal (since Stone Age times), advantages and disadvantages of different methods, a detailed list of all the professional equipment you’ll ever need to buy, hygiene procedures and specialist procedures for communicating with a half naked customer. You’ll study the biology of the male reproductive urinary systems.

There’s also pages of business advice, covering personal safety, marketing, the answers to frequently asked customer questions, a view on mobile therapy, communication tips, aftercare and some tips on specific language to use.


130 full A4 (11.7” x 8½”) pages! - here’s some examples;-



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Immediate Download



As a feature, the full versions of the free One-Page downloads for Nostril, Ear, and Front and Rear Torso waxing are expanded so you can see full sized photos for every step. Much detailed “Hair Maps” are invaluable reference for your to keep handy for when a really hairy guy presents for his first wax treatment. “Where do I start???” is a really common question.

Worried about delivering ladies brows to your customers? No need – there’s also a section on “Manly Brows”.

Know your Perineum from your Mons Pubis? Your Testes from your Natal Cleft?

You soon will !

·       How do you hold a scrotum for waxing?

·       What type of wax should I use?

·       What to do when things go wrong?

·       How to stop wax from sticking to the skin?

·       Why is the wax sliding around on the skin?


All these and more are answered in this awesome step-by-step guide.


“It’s so simple to follow at every stage!”


Free Downloads >>

Torso Hair Growth

Managing Chest Hair



Painless Nostril Wax

Ear Hair Wax



Using every day language and drawing on over 25 Years of delivering outstanding customer service, this fully qualified and successful Male Therapist explains the secrets behind this very specialised customer service.



   As a respected therapist, Jason (the author) recently completed difficult judging in two niche categories in the 2011 Professional Beauty Awards, namely Best New Salon, and Best Male Grooming.



ULTIMATE Male Waxing




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Are you ready to learn about waxing

‘The Back And Beyond’?

“Everything you need to know to wax all of a man!”


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