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The Back and Beyond specialises in professional hot and warm waxing for men utilising a combination of 21st Centuary strip waxing and non-strip waxing technology. The Back and Beyond strive to deliver a comfortable, effective and discrete service in the Plymouth area. The Back and Beyond will make appointments for you 7 days a week at convenient hours. This is to be considered and essential part of your grooming routine, and dramtically effective results can be achieved when you manage and exactly maintain your growth to the level you choose. Smooth is the new you.

Our Mission for professional hair removal for men using hot wax

It is our mission to strive for the most comfortable, professional and discrete hair removal service for men.

List of Benefits for men using hot wax for hair removal

Itch-free, slow regrowth, easier to keep clean, more sensitive and your partner will love it! No risk of burns from creams. No stubble, and lower chance of ingrowing hairs. It even works out cheaper than shaving, and lasts much longer. Waxing for men is the new solution for your hairy problem.

What services are on offer? Areas of your body that can be waxed

From your toes to top of your shoulders - and even your ears and nostrils too - there's only your beard and scalp that can't be waxed. Men; it's gorrilla warfare!

Waxing for men FAQ; Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt? Can you do this? What can I do to help? Where do you want me to put my leg? All your frequently asked questions are found here.

Hot wax aftercare advice for men

So now you are smooth. Here's what to do afterwards to best maintain the new you. Aftercare advice from cleansing to moisturising and avoid steam rooms, saunas, sports and gym work for a coupld of days!

Pricing options for hot wax hair removal

Choose from a big range of individual treatments - or combine your own plan, just for yourself. Here's the standard price list. Call if you need a quote for a specific treatment

Shop for skin care products for men

Shop for useful products. Coming Soon.


Now you are ready to book. Make contact - call, telelphone, email or find the map and locations. Postal Address including the postcode for your GPS is all here. Click on Contact to make your booking.


The Back and Beyond get's some press attention. Read here what Plymouth Evening Herald has to say about this new waxing service for men

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